Control panels kit

GD-48 / C048-C-E4-TOUCH

-Galaxy Dimension GD-48 kit with TouchCenter CP040, integral 2.5A (1.25A@grade 3) Power Supply, 16 – 48 zones, 8 on-board outputs, up to 8 remote keypads (1 touch screen keypad), 1000 event log, up to 8 doors, 100 Users and 8 independent areas (Groups) plus many more features.

-Supported by PC Applications for Remote Servicing, the GD-48 is suitable for use in security grade 3, Environmental Class II installations.

-The control panel contains CZ, SK, HU, ENG, DE, RO languages.

Basic parameters
Power supply voltage 230V / 50Hz
Recommended transformer type Included
Max. total consumption from AUX terminals 1A
Max. ACU charge current 1.25A
Max. capacity of backup ACU 34Ah / 12V (to cover Galaxy max. 17Ah)
Individual consumption of control panel 250mA
Number of buses 1
Bus branching Prohibited
Max. bus length 1000m
Output types for siren Relay
Siren output load 1A
Control panel cover dimension 352(H) x 440(W) x 90(D)mm
Control panel cover color Gray
Weight (without battery) 6.4Kg
Environment class II – Indoor general
Basic number of control panel’s zones 16
Max. total number of zones 48
Max. number of concentrators 4
Wireless zones Yes, Optional
Operating frequency 868MHz
Zone ending DBAL (1KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 4.7KΩ, 5.6KΩ)
Optional EOL (1KΩ, 2.2KΩ, 4.7KΩ, 5.6KΩ)
Number of zone types 48
Global zones omitting in group Yes
Max. number of groups 8
Partial arming / night arming Yes / Yes
Automatic arming of common area Yes
Logical arming of common area Yes
Library (number of words) Yes (538)
Programmable outputs
Basic number of control panel’s PGM outputs 8 + 6
Max. number of PGM outputs 24 + 6
PGM output load 400mA (100mA)
Number of output types 76
PGM output of LINK type Yes
Number of LINK type outputs 15
Number of all links 64
User parameters
Number of user codes 100
Max. number of access control users 100 (*a subset of superuser)
Max. number of wireless controls 50 (*a subset of superuser)
User code length four to six
The number of patterns of access rights 50
Event memory 1000
Event memory – reader pass 500
Automatic arming / disarming Yes
Week timer Yes (2x)
Weekly schedules 19
Detector control before arming Yes
Max. number of keypads 8
Function keys on keypad 2
Numerical user code Yes
Wireless control / keyfob Yes
Proximity card Yes
Contact (keyswitch zone) Yes
Simultaneous more users operation Yes (max. 4)
LCD Yes (MK7)
LCD with integrated reader Yes (MK7PROX)
LCD touch screen Yes (CP040)
Access control
Max. number of readers 8
Basic interface type for reader connection C080, C081, DCM
VTS communicator
VTS communicator internal phone com., external module E062
Programming and services Yes
Basic communication format Contact ID, SIA 1-4
Number of phone numbers of communicator 2
Phone line control Yes
ISDN communicator
ISDN communicator modul A211
Programming and services Yes
Number of phone numbers of communicator  
Ethernet communicator
Ethernet communicator modul E080
Programming and services Yes
Supported protocols TCP, UDP
Encrypted transmission Yes (programmable)
RS-232 communicator
RS-232 communicator Internal RS232 com., external module E054
Programming and services Yes
Remote service and programming
Phone line and modem Yes
Direct connection to reserved interface Yes